Well…that didn’t go according to plan

Whew! 2017 was quite a year. And unfortunately, I made a big technical uh-oh and lost the last year+ of blog posts. Whoops! So instead of trying to get all those back up, because who needs that anyways, we decided to start fresh and end the year one a note about one of the things we like(and do) best…beer.

It’s been a year of ups and downs for all things running between starting new jobs, traveling, sickness and injuries. So while we didn’t get as much in as we wanted in order to complete our running goals, I think we’ve both definitely started to find our love of running again.

Now, onto the good stuff! We always love a good brewery, duh, and even spent some time this year trying to branch out from our regular stops of Rahr & Martin House. Below are all of the breweries (OGs included) that we visited and what we loved about each. Plus, a list of some we’d like to try in 2018.

-Rahr & Sons: like we need any explanation. They host one of our favorite monthly 5ks and have a solid rotation of delicious brews.

-Martin House: also a fave of ours and trying out all the new and sometimes odd-sounding (yet usually tasty) combinations is so much fun.

-Wild Acre: we checked this out for the first time in September & were not disappointed. Solid line-up of beers that we have been enjoying for a while now, plus an excellent outdoor and indoor area for plenty of sitting and hanging out all day.

-New Belgium: if you are ever in Colorado this one is a must as a beer lover! Huge brewery that has games, live music and so many delicious beers! It also has a 90 minute tour that gives you samples along the way 😉

-O’Dells: also in Colorado, but seriously one of the prettiest breweries ever. Medium sized with a good selection of sours as well as a bunch of others on tap to choose from.

-Shannon: a great brewery with fantastic Irish Red Ale, we had been there last year for a 5k and went back this summer for 90s Trivia Night. It was like totally rad! Tie dye, snap bracelets and competing on silly knowledge all while sampling some good beers is always a good time.

-Community: can always count on a solid Mosaic IPA from them plus the seasonal brews like Funnel Cake Ale & Snicker Doodle Ale…yum! We’ve also been to their yoga at the brewery a couple times and it’s a great way to get a solid workout in and relax with a beer before the crowd hits.

-Legal Draft: right down the street for Bre, she’s a big fan of this one. Great atmosphere plus one of the few IPAs we’re actually a fan of because their Smash n’ Grab is pretty delicious.

-Lakewood: Seriously one of my faves…if only it weren’t so far away. Hands down my favorite stout & their seasonal versions always blow me away. Plus, their All Call Kolsch is definitely worth a staple spot in the fridge for a lighter and refreshing beer.

-Big Bend Brewing: this one is definitely out of the way but totally a required stop if you’re heading out to West Texas.

-Braindead Brewing: Bacon & beer flights…need I say more?!!

And ones we want to try in 2018:

-Division Street Brewing
-Oak Highlands
-Noble Rey

As always, we’re open to any recommendations, you know how we love a new adventure. Now we’re off for a BRF trip to ring in the New Year in New Orleans! Hope 2018 brings lots of delicious beer and running adventures. Cheers y’all!

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