That one time with the paramedics…

Nothing kicks off summer in Fort Worth quite like Untapped, an annual outdoor festival that celebrates craft beer and up-and-coming musicians. This was Caroline’s first year and Bre’s fourth (what can she say, she really loves beer). Despite the fact that we practically live for sampling new brews, we decided against splurging on VIP passes, instead opting for the 12 tastings that came with our tickets.

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This year was hot. Texas summers were definitely not meant for outdoor festivals, but the allure of 300-plus beers to try with our fellow Fort Worth beer lovers was too tempting to pass on. With that said, that heat (and possibly our morning 5K) came back to bite us when Caroline passed out as soon as we walked through the entry gates. Medics were called and she was promptly carted off on a stretcher. Don’t worry — she recovered but unfortunately didn’t get to experience any beers, so she’s vowed to make it to at least three tastings next year.

Once Caroline was taken care of and delivered safely to a magical land of air conditioning and Gatorade, Bre went back to enjoy the festival. The hipster quotient was high, but not obnoxious for Fort Worth — not a handlebar moustache or a monocle in sight. Here’s how things shook out, with Bre’s top six beers in order of deliciousness. (She is now trying to hunt down those that sadly don’t come in six packs yet.)

  1.     Mole Temptress – Lakewood Brewing
  2.     Orange Beerus – Coop Ale Works
  3.     Bridesmaid’s Tears – Noble Rey
  4.     Tell Tale Tart – Boulevard
  5.     Pineapple Sculpin – Ballast Point
  6.     Chocolate Rum Stout – Shannon Brewing

The original plan was to find 10 new favorites from breweries we don’t frequent, but beer happens and some sounded too awesome to pass up (most notably Temptress — Bre can never pass up Temptress). In the end, it’s okay because Texas craft beer is our love.

In hindsight, maybe a 5K in the morning and a beer festival in the afternoon with blistering 90-degree heat and humidity was possibly not the best idea. But hey, we are called We Run on Beer, so we don’t always think things through when running and beer are involved. Maybe next year we’ll get there earlier (not pass out) and be able to sample a little more. ’Til next year, Untapped Fort Worth … We’re coming for you!

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