Misadventures pretty well describes these three workout classes we did over the last week. Most runners do some form of cross-training to help build up stamina, as well as be faster and stronger runners. While running is a great workout, your body can get used to the same exercise if done over and over without change and build up tolerance to it. Cross training can help that and build muscles that will benefit your body while running. At the beginning of the summer we found a few different classes that we had never tried before and would break up the monotony of the squat, lunge, burpee, repeat routine that we had fallen into. We also needed something to look forward to and get excited about, in order to beat the heat and run outside in the wild of DFW we need to get up REALLY early….and neither of us are exactly what you’d call morning people.

There was Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga, Aerial Silks and Trampoline Fitness. They were all a lot of fun, but we are definitely not experts at any of them. So let’s break it down here…


SUP Yoga – Class was an hour long; cost $30 each person
As you can see by the video, we weren’t exactly graceful. There were quite a few people there who weren’t first-timers and honestly they all seemed to take themselves really seriously and weren’t very nice about it either. We get that yoga is suppose to be calming while also building strength, but it IS funny when your friend falls off the board. I can’t think of many people who wouldn’t be able to laugh at that except (apparently) the other people that were in the class with us. The next day we were a little sore from the class, but not in massive amounts of pain. We had a very entertaining time but can’t say we’d jump at the chance to do it again.

Aerial Silks – Class was an hour long; cost $20 each person
YES! YES! YES! 7 of us took this class together and we all LOVED it. It was hard and definitely requires a lot more upper body strength than we currently have but we are 100% going to be doing this again. Hopefully many times to jump start our circus careers, obviously. A few of the students in the class were way more advanced than us, but they weren’t as discouraging as the SUP Yoga participants. Our instructor encouraged our laughter and entertainment along with our learning, which was great since we were aiming to have fun first and foremost. The day after the class we were all sore from working out the muscles we didn’t know we had and had very odd battle wounds/bruises from the actual Silks.


Trampoline Fitness – Class was an hour long; cost $10 each person
This class was at a trampoline park that also had foam pits, obstacle courses and a place for dodge ball. It was an hour long and was less just jumping and giggling on a trampoline and more bootcamp. Even the warm up was exhausting. We were sweating our butts off by the time the first 15 minutes had passed and it just got more intense. Have you ever done pushups or plank hold on a trampoline? Let us just say, it is not easy. The next day we were a little sore but nothing that made it hard to function. It’s hard not to jump on a trampoline (even while doing bootcamp) and not have a big goofy grin on your face, go on try it 🙂

In the end it may not have been the best idea for us to pack all these different classes into a week while we are also in the midst of half marathon training, but it got us pumped up for doing something different and let us talk about something new for a while. We will definitely be looking forward to taking the Aerial Silks and Trampoline class again, but the SUP Yoga gets a hard pass from us next time.

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