Light Side vs. Dark Side

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Every summer there is a outdoor summer music festival tradition called Concerts in the Garden at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. It’s five weekends of music, fun and fireworks put on by the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra….however not all the concerts have the symphony. There’s the Music of Pink Floyd, Green River Ordinance as well as the patriotic 4th of July Concert. So there is a little something for everyone.

But it was the Star Wars concert that spoke to the nerd in us. John Williams’ best hits with a full orchestra on stage, lasers and an evening picnic with friends – could it get any better? There are even Star Wars characters that roam the garden before the concert, but we got a little distracted by beer and food so we didn’t get to take any pictures with them 🙁

We got massive quantities of food and decided to theme our beer tasting Light Side vs. Dark Side.

The Light Side
Deep Ellum – Dallas Blonde
Austin Beerworks – Pearl Snap

The Dark Side
Lakewood – Temptress
Tupps – Black Ale

The winner? It was a TIE (Fighter). Just kidding…that was terrible. There really were no losers. Temptress and Deep Ellum are old favorites for us, so no surprise there that we enjoyed those. The Austin Beerworks Pearl Snap and Tupps were both a happy surprise. Pearl Snap was refreshing and light while the Tupps had a sweet aftertaste to it without being too heavy.

Beer, Music, Runner, SweetsThe incomparable Kelly with Macaron Mondays (seriously, if y’all haven’t checked her out yet you should) even surprised us with some giant Strawberry and Chocolate Death Star macaron ice cream sandwiches that went REALLY well with the Tupps and ended our night with a nice sugar high that only paled in comparison to the epic fireworks display.

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