Jersey Shore Shenanigans

NY Skyline

The Jersey Shore. When I first decided to move there at 23, all I pictured was the MTV show and Real Housewives. Luckily for me, I ended up in Asbury Park (if you like Bruce Springsteen that should ring a bell) and fell in love. It was nothing like either and a truly awesome place to be. I moved back to Texas 3 ½ years ago, but I was finally able to make it back for a visit and got to reunite with some of the amazing women & best friends I met while I was living there.

Most of us have moved away from the shore, so for a few days I got to explore Jersey City & Hoboken which was a nice change of pace. There are a ton of cute little neighborhoods and areas around there which are so much fun to explore. My favorite part however was the skyline. I told my friends for days before coming how much I was looking forward to running along the Hudson and it did not disappoint.

I’m not usually a huge fan of training and running while on vacation, because a vacation is all about resting and just having a good time, right? But I’m trying to make a better habit of it. After staying up way past my bedtime on Thursday, I somehow managed to wake up and get out the door in time to catch the sunrise over the New York skyline on my run. SO GLAD I did because it was gorgeous and I probably would have kicked myself if I hadn’t done it. And because of this experience, I’ll probably try and get at least one run in on all my trips from here on out.

Asbury Park Boardwalk

The majority of our time was spent at the shore and on the beach in Asbury. And in true Bre fashion, I managed to injure myself during my first day at the beach. Now I know what you are thinking – we had a few drinks, I fell down, hilarity ensued. But that’s where you are wrong! When you read articles about running and running form, there is always a lot of comments about runners toes. I thought I was the exception to the rule and would never experience that kind of injury. Boy was I mistaken. Not even an hour on the beach, and out of nowhere my toenail came almost all the way off. Just started spewing blood like a freaking Zombie movie. Children were screaming, women were covering their eyes from the scene, some guy fainted….just kidding. But it did manage to make the super hot lifeguard squeamish and turn a bit green when he came over to patch me up. We didn’t let that stop us though! I kept it wrapped up and clean all weekend and partied on.

If you’re ever in the Asbury Park area (and you should totally go), make sure to stop by for a while and explore the amazing graffiti along the boardwalk, delicious restaurants and cute local boutiques. New to the area (or new since I left) was Dark City Brewing and it is definitely a must on any beer lovers stop to the area. The Biergarten is also a good stop for anyone wanting to taste something they normally can’t get at their local bar.


Asbury Park Beer Scene

Along with good beer, I LOVE good food. Porta pizza, Brickwall Tavern’s chips and onion dip and Toast’s Red Velvet Pancakes are some of my favorites in town. There are so many more that I love and miss but these were my definite must-haves when I was there so I would highly suggest any of them, you can’t really go wrong.

It was super sad to leave these girls, but knowing that we’ll be reunited again in less than year helped make it a little better. Hopefully by the time we reunite in Cancun next summer my toenail will have regrown and I will just get to flirt with the hot lifeguard instead of making him regret coming into work that day. There lifeguards at fancy resorts in Mexico, right? 😉

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