Enchanted Rock Girls Getaway

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GIRLS GETAWAY!!! Everyone has those moments where they just think, I have to get out of here before I punch someone in the face. We had that about a month ago, but like responsible adults, waited and planned so that we could leave with less stress haunting us.

We can’t jet across the globe on such short notice and with little vacation time left. But driving somewhere in this giant state of ours and exploring somewhere we haven’t been before, was totally doable. Enchanted Rock is only 4 hours drive away and neither of us had ever hiked it before, so of course that was our first choice. In case none of y’all know what this is, google it. Just keep in mind that the pictures make it look a lot smaller than it actually feels. Once you start hiking that steep climb just keeps going and going and going. We probably made it a little more difficult by doing a sunrise hike on 3 ½ hours of sleep…oops.

Bre had been told that sunrise or sunset at Enchanted Rock was amazing and one of the best times to see it, we decided sunrise was the best option since it gave us more time to explore everything else Fredericksburg had to offer.

Vaudeville – Friday night dinner and one of the best meals ever!
We had an amazing dinner Friday night (part of the reason we got such little sleep for our hike) and I would say this is a must do for anyone who loves food and wine and good dining experience. Their menu is fantastic and each combination was a surprise of flavors. The meal even included something with micro basil, which was delicious…whatever it is. If you decide splurge on anything in Fredericksburg, we would highly recommend a meal at this place!

Flights of Beer, Girls Getaway, Brewery

Fredericksburg Brewing Co. – I mean, we love beer, we can’t go somewhere and not try their brewery if they have one (even if the area is known for their wine). They had lots of options and instead of getting wasted on multiple beers, we decided to pace ourselves and try the flight. After trying them all, we chose the Red as our favorite. The others were good, just nothing that we would write home about or want to carry around Main Street in 100+ degree heat.

And what would a girls getaway be without some silly #misadventures?! Stopped in Waco on our drive home to check out the waterslide (called the Royal Flush) at BSR Cable park. We had googled the slides before the trip and thought, this it looks fun and seriously how hard can it be? Hard. It was harder than we thought. Although perhaps having to sign waiver before we even paid should have been our first clue. Watch the videos below and laugh at our very uncoordinated selves royally failing at imitating the pros. We left a little battered and a lot bruised but definitely say it was a highly entertaining note to end our girls trip on.

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