About Us


We are Caroline and Breanna, two runners with a love of beer and traveling, so we’ve found a way of incorporating some of our favorite things into fun life experiences. We are both big travelers, so combining runs & breweries into our trips is a new way for us to explore cities.

Have beer? We’ll Travel. Traveling, trying new beers & running all with a sense of humor. Enjoy laughing with (or at) us through our misadventures.

Current Favorite Beer:
C: Raspberry & Peach Lambic – Perfect for perfecting beer popsicles during Texas summers.
B: Lakewood Temptress – not awesome for summer pool days but still haven’t found anything I love more.

Next Travel Stop:
C: ? To Be Determined
B: Asbury Park, New Jersey – any recommendations are welcome

#1 Bucket List Item:
C: Safari(pictures only)
B: See the Northern Lights (hopefully marking this off in January in Iceland)

Upcoming Runs:
C&B: Dallas Blonde 5K and ALL Rahr Social Runs. Plus, some half marathons in there. If you want to join us in the fun runs, check it out here: http://www.rahroktoberfest5k.com/fun.html ($15 gets you 3 pints and breakfast with your run-because who doesn’t love beer and food?)

Dream Runs:
C: Le Marathon du Medoc in France
Sparkasse Marathon in Germany
Midnight Sun Marathon in Norway
B: The Big Ten Marathon in South Africa
Lion Foundation Rotorua Marathon
Midnight Sun Marathon in Norway

Hogwarts House(yes, we’re nerds too):
C: Slytherin
B: Hufflepuff

Running apps we use:
C: Zombies, Run!
B: Nike+